The Board

The Original Northwood Association (ONA) is presided over by an elected Board of Governors. This Board of Governors is headed by the President and three other officers: Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. There are five Members at Large who each head a specific committee: Communications, Covenant, Maintenance, Safety, and Social.

The ONA tends directly to the needs and interests of the nearly 400 homes in Original Northwood, including organizing community maintenance, publishing the neighborhood newsletters, coordinating local safety initiatives, and hosting neighborhood social events. We are a volunteer organization that collects dues from our neighborhood residents on a voluntary basis.

The ONA is governed by a constitution which can be found here. The Board of Governors is elected each September at our Annual Meeting. The board then represents the neighborhood in a variety of matters, including to the GNCA.


President Scott Purnell-Saunders

Vice President Diahn Allen


Treasurer Anthony Thomas


Secretary Kerry Spence

Wade .png

Communications Chair Meghan Sweeney

Maintenance Chair Wayne Ruthke