Original Northwood is a beautiful neighborhood in the city of Baltimore, featuring quiet streets curving through old-growth trees and consistent architectural features such as red-brick houses and slate roofs.  Once featured as one the best "Old House Neighborhoods" in the Northeast, Original Northwood was named one of Baltimore's Hidden Gem Neighborhoods by Baltimore Magazine.

Development began in 1930, during the depression. John Ahlers, the architect of the Roland Park Montebello Company, was hired to design and oversee the development of Northwood. The intent was to build homes in a planned community without sacrificing the natural beauty of the landscape. Existing large trees were kept, while winding streets and spacious lots were designed to conform to the natural terrain. The neighborhood includes single-family and semi-attached homes, as well as groups of attached homes, and the design reflects the vision of repetitive themes, including half-timbering and stucco, irregular massing, and the New England house form with a jetty. 

Original Northwood is a covenant community. Our Original Deed and Agreement contains covenants which govern all aspects of our exterior developments, alterations to which requires prior approval from the community's Board of Governors. These covenants have helped to maintain distinctive neighborhood features such as slate roofs and divided-light windows, sustaining an exceptional high standard of living and rising property values for this community of nearly 400 homes.

The beauty of the architecture and quietness of the streets, however, do not come at the expense of affordability: in 2013, homes in the neighborhood range in price from a hundred thousand to nearly half a million dollars.