The Original Northwood Association (ONA)

The deeds to properties in Original Northwood are held by the Greater Northwood Covenant Association (GNCA), an umbrella organization formed in 1972 that encompasses five neighborhoods in the area, including Original Northwood. As per the original deed between the city and the company that built our neighborhood, each resident is required to pay a certain amount per year to the GNCA, based on the size of the lot they own. This is a legal requirement, and failure to pay can result in the potential sale of a property to be held up at settlement. However, due to the way the deed was written, these amounts have not changed from the original assessment of $0.30 / 100 square feet, and most homeowners in the area pay only $10–20 per year.

Governing body

The Original Northwood Association (ONA) is the local community association for our neighborhood only; it is an entirely separate body from the Greater Northwood Covenant Association, which encompasses it and holds the deeds (see the GNCA by-laws and articles of incorporation). The ONA tends directly to the needs and interests of the 370 or so homes in Original Northwood, including organizing community maintenance, publishing the neighborhood newsletter, coordinating local safety initiatives, and hosting neighborhood social events. We are a volunteer organization that collects dues from our neighborhood residents on a strictly voluntary basis. 

The Original Northwood Association board is governed by a constitution. The board is elected each September at our annual meeting. They then represent the neighborhood in a variety of matters, including to the GNCA.

Common Questions

Why join? 

The ONA is very active in the neighborhood, and is your most immediate contact point for getting things done in the neighborhood. 

Where can I learn more about what's happening in the neighborhood?

Our neighborhood makes extensive use of, which is limited to current residents. Our Facebook page usually also contains information about recent and upcoming events and neighborhood news.

How do I join?

You can join by paying the $40 annual membership fee, which supports ONA activities, such as social events, community maintenance projects, and covenant enforcement (and is separate from and in addition to the required covenant dues paid by homeowners each year to the GNCA.) ONA members also get discounted tickets to paid neighborhood events. Membership is for the calendar year.

  1. You can pay digitally or by check. Please note your name and Original Northwood property address with your payment so we can credit your account. Checks should be made out and mailed to:

    Original Northwood Association
    P.O. Box 33576
    Baltimore MD, 21218

  2. We accept online payments using PayPal and Square, for credit and debit cards. Through PayPal, we can now offer two online billing options: one-time billing or automatically renewing subscription billing for your ONA dues.


To sign up for auto-billed annual payments, please fill out your STREET ADDRESS in the box below (for our record-keeping) and click "Subscribe", and follow the instructions to pay with your credit or debit card. Your card will be billed annually automatically.


To make a one-time payment with a credit or debit card, please fill out your STREET ADDRESS in the box below (for our record-keeping) and click "Pay Now." Then complete the online payment via PayPal.


If you have any questions about online payments, please send an email to: