The ONA publishes a quarterly newsletter that is printed delivered to all ~370 households in the neighborhood. You can also view the digital versions here.

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ONA Board Meeting Minutes

The ONA board meets every month, typically at 8 PM on the second Thursday of the month. Minutes from these meetings are posted shortly afterwards. If you are interested in attending, please email the ONA board to find out where it is being held. 

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A charrette is a formal collaboration undertaken to study a problem and present potential solutions. In 2008, just such a study was completed in response to the continued problem of the blight of Northwood Shopping Plaza. This charrette was developed at the request of the Northwood Working Group with the help of Neighborhood Design Center Volunteers, and considered the interests of many neighbors, including ON and other neighborhood groups, Morgan State University, the mayor’s office, and others.

The charrette included many findings and suggestions for Northwood Plaza aimed at turning it into an area “main street” that invites use by the entire geographical community. These suggestions included a multi-story mixed residential and commercial development, interior parking (so as not to dominate the site), and pedestrian friendly streetscapes.. Chief among its findings was that the income levels of households in the surrounding areas are higher than those of Belvedere Square, suggesting that area plazas (Northwood in particular) could support good stores.

The charrette produced the following documents: